Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are the most common and complex set of emotional and physical challenges. It affects Irrespective of age and gender. Almost everyone will be suffered in a certain period of time. Anxiety and depression will not be the same but those who depressed for something then sure they experience the anxiety. Also, the people with anxiety become depressed. These are two faces of one disorder. These diseases are correlated with a significant decrease in patient well-being status and social take part.

Exact diagnosis dictates treatment, anxiety and depression are a distinct disorder but many suffer from both the conditions.

The coexistence of anxiety and depression together called comorbidity. It makes the course of disorder more chronic, it diminishes functioning at personal such as relationships and professional, social and more. Substantially raises suicide risk. Often it is little difficult to distinguish anxiety from depression, the treatment medication which works best for depression also combat for anxiety.

The below-hidden triggers may be the reason for anxiety and depression:

  • Nutritional
  • Psychological
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Genetic
  • Brain disease

Reducing the mental and emotional distress by taking care of the well-being of all the aspects keep us to cope up with any crucial situations and disproportionate impact on health.

Treatment Options for Anxiety and Depression


Our professionals closely monitor the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression; they prescribe proper medicines to overcome the disorder. Generally, we counsel the patients, who really need treatment therapy, later we start the treatment procedure.

Self Talk:

Mood swings and anxiety level can affect the person self-thinking ability. Symptoms of this illness can make difficult to see things in a positive light. Defeating the thoughts can be possible by including these below points:

  • Believing the good things will happen
  • Anticipating the worst will happen
  • Keep faith on yourself
  • Healthy social gambling
  • Sharing happiness or sad with the beloved one
  • Keeping new thoughts and self-confidence

Talk therapy:

Talk therapy helps to identify the triggers of your anxiety to react with people and situation. Many cases have solved during the talk therapy itself.

Relaxation Exercises:

Relaxation exercises incorporate few activities such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and meditation. Many people who are suffering from anxiety and mood swing disorder these exercises will be very helpful.


Find a calm and quiet location and make sure you will not interrupt by anything for 10 to 15 minutes. Get into a comfortable sitting or lying position and focus on your breathing, don't let your mind to wander anywhere. The meditation also keeps you calm and peaceful.

Peer Support

If you are feeling depressed, anxious, stressed or manic sharing the reasons behind that depressions with your loved ones will make you a little comfort.

Often tell yourself as you can feel better and can manage the situation well, else you write down your feelings and perceptions on a paper so that you can overcome with the proper solution. Get enough rest, rejoice yourself and always know very well about your hidden triggers to avoid complications.

Choosing an Anxiety and Depression Therapist

Talk to our Anxiety and Depression Therapist Dr. Parveen Kumar at Mississippi Depression Help Center for treatment options for all kind of Stress, Anxiety and Depression to lead a blissful life. We respect your privacy and keep your data confidentially. At any point of time, you are most welcome to know about your all of treatment procedures. Visit our office for more or call us to schedule an appointment: 601-605-9914

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